Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Tamales Denver

Vegan Tamales | Vegetarian Tamales | Gmo free Tamales 

Tamales Especiales is offering specialty Tamale dozens celebrating the Holidays. 
Tamales are delivered to one's business or residence Dec. 22nd & Dec. 23rd throughout the Denver area by "PA for a DAY" delivery service 

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE - pre order is recommended

Specialty tamales are hand rolled and made in small batches using Organic Corn Masa that is GMO free. Our tamales are gluten free & plant based, feauturing as many organic and/or regionally grown ingredients possible.  Tamales are perfect for special occasions and holiday celebrations.

Guajillo Sin Carnitas​         Our version of traditional red chile tamales featuring crispy seasoned tofu
Rajas Con Queso (Vegan)       Roasted red peppers & poblanos, *Artisan vegan mozzarella & 
cheddar cheese
Rajas Con Queso        Roasted red peppers & poblanos, Tillamook Colby Jack


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vital Nourishment Red Lentil Dahl

Vegan Dahl | Gluten Free Dahl | Hemp Foods Recipes

with coconut hemp cream

Our bodies crave deep cellular nourishment that is easy to digest and soothing on the system. This healing soup features red lentils, which are the easiest legume to digest. They are also a powerhouse of vital nutrients including iron and protein; essential Vitamin B's, folate, zinc, phosphorous, manganese, fiber, copper, and potassium. Red lentil Dahl is a traditional Ayurvedic soup known for its overall balancing effects. An array of sunshine hued vegetables form the base of this soup, adding antioxidants and grounding properties. Fresh tumeric root and fresh ginger root bring anti inflammatory goodness, and warming spice. Hemp seeds are made into a cream that is added at the end of the soup. Hemp seeds activate our bodies endocannabanoid system, which means optimal cellular health through deep cellular nourishment.

As a healing foods chef, I have designed this recipe specifically for its' anti cancer, anti inflammatory, and easy to digest properties. It is a recommended soup for those going through chemotherapy. This is because it is full of healthy fats, nutrients, and nausea relieving fresh ginger. Soup can be watered down to make it easier go down. It is also recommended as a regular part of the diet for Diabetics and MS sufferers. The Coconut cream is balancing on the blood sugars which is essential for all food eaten by Diabetics. The anti inflammatory elements soothe the inflamed nerves of MS sufferers. I worked under the guidance of a nutritionist while creating this recipe.  

makes approximately 3 Quarts

The Hemp Cream
Soak 1/3 c shelled hemp seeds with 1c water. 
Let soak a minimum of 2 hours.
Blend on high with:
1T avocado oil or melted coconut oil
1T agave nectar or coconut sugar
pinch Himalayan salt
Set aside

Aromatics puree
In a food processor puree the following and set aside:
2 thumb size chunks of ginger root, peeled
2 thumb size chunks of tumeric root, peeled

The Mirepoix
Cut the following vegetables into a small dice size and saute in medium pot with 2 tablespoon Coconut Oil:
1 carrot, medium sized
½ stick celery
1 parsnip, small
½ red pepper
½ yellow pepper
1 small sweet potato and/or 1 small yellow beet

8c water, spring or reverse osmosis
2c red lentils
1 15oz can coconut cream, full fat
1-2t ginger powder, to taste
1-2t tumeric powder, to taste
2t    cardamon
1-3T Himalayan or Utah mineral salt, to taste - start with 1T

Let simmer for 1 hour. Take off heat. Add hemp cream and stir soup. The hemp cream curdles at high temperatures so it is important that the heat is turned off while adding it. Serve over Basmati Rice if desired. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

From the Archives: Dispatches from a Punk Rock Gardener | DIY Food Preservation

Authors note: I wrote this while living on historic 3rd Ave in Durango, Colorado. It was during the summer of fires, 2012, when Colorado had a record breaking year of wildfires. This was also the year that the Occupy movement began and widespread protest overtook cities internationally. A fertile time for fertile thoughts.

I am proud to report that my garden has been at least a 75% success. After battling sweltering heat and dry, wildfire loving drought, I am somehow managing to grow some amazing herbs, squash, cabbage, spring onions, and swiss chard, to name a few of the success cases. This summer has been so hot and dry that even the weeds in my garden wilt on some days! The dehydrator style climate of Southwest Colorado has proved very helpful in my food preservation endeavors however.
       At age 15, I declared myself an anarchist, painted Johnny Rotten portraits in my high school art classes, and began a lifetime of questioning authority. It is 20 years later, and I feel my punk rock roots most when I garden, go mad fruit picking, can, freeze, and preserve my own 'free' food. I feel this is as DIY (do it yourself) as it gets, and while I don't sport tattoos, spikes, or candy colored dyed hair, claiming control of my food supply is about as "punk rock" as it gets. When we grow and preserve our own food and/or support local farmers, we 'take the power back' within ourselves and our communities. We take off the chains of control that corporations and government have over us within the current food supply system. We make ourselves immune to economic ups and downs. It is empowering and incredibly self satisfying as I stock my shelves with dried hand picked fruit, and mason jars canned with local fresh food. My freezer is overflowing with gallon bags of schucked sweet corn, peaches and cherries for smoothies, and blanched garden greens such as spinach and chard. When we give up the overprocessed, corporate agricultural foods that are killing the planet and wreaking disease havoc on us, and eat simpler, change happens on a cellular level within while rippling out to the macrocosm collectively.
         We are at a time in history where we need to create change within ourselves and our communities through direct action. Instead of complaining and bitching about the political situation, we must own up, be the real independent americans that we are, and create change ourselves. No one else is going to do it for us. I am lucky to live in a vibrant Colorado mountain town community that values self sufficiency and supports local businesses and farmers. The heart of the Occupy movement is to Occupy ourselves and feel our collective power to create a sufficient, earth and people friendly reality. 
         Preserving the harvest is an ongoing learning process. Perhaps the easiest way is drying and freezing fruits and vegetables. Clean window screens transform into drying racks instantly. Line with parchment paper, cut fruit into 1/4 inch slices and let the sun do all the work. Cover with a mesh netting to keep out bugs and animals. Sun dried tomatoes are wonderful dried this way. Peaches and cherries can be pitted, sliced and frozen to make wonderful additions to smoothies and/or fruit pies come wintertime. Lay out fruit slices on a cookie sheet and freeze. After they are frozen, place into ziplock gallon or quart size bags. Fresh vegetables that are blanched or steamed freeze well also.
         Of course, there is the option of canning. Canning is quite a process. It takes a lot of time, patience, and some practice. I am in the throes of experimentation and learning of this food preservation art.  The flavor of ones' own homemade applesauce or fresh salsa preserved through canning is unsurpassable. Cracking open a mason jar full of local goodness while the snow is falling, makes the hours in front of a steaming canner in the middle of summer totally worthwhile. I must remind myself of this as finding motivation to can all day when my kitchen is 90 degrees (a.k.a hot as **#!) is a challenge!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colorado Dreaming Chowder | Hemp Creamed Spring Onion & Potato Soup

cebollines - mexican spring onions
Vegan Potato Chowder | Hemp foods recipe | Gluten Free Potato Chowder

hemp creamed spring onion & potato soup

My body felt blissfully sore, exhausted, yet inspired by a bluebird day spent snowboarding in perfect March powder. I wanted warmth and comfort. I wanted the deep nourishment that only soup can satisfy. It begins with a confetti dotted mirepoix. It ends with shelled hemp seed cream. Yukon golds bring silky body while white miso adds inches of flavor depth. But this soup is really about Cebollines, mexican spring onions. Cebollines (seh-boh-yee-nehs) are the onion of choice in Pacific Mexican cuisine and are found at Mercados (mexican grocers). They come in bunches and look like big green onions. Their character is bright and fresh. Like springtime. Like high altitude sunshine. Like the permagrin after a Colorado dreaming powder day.

Hemp Creamed Spring Onion & Yukon Gold Soup

The Hemp Cream
Soak ½ c shelled hemp seeds with 1/2c water. 
Let soak a minimum of 2 hours.
Blend on high with:
2T avocado oil
2T white miso
Set aside

The Mirepoix
Cut the following vegetables into a small dice size and saute in medium pot with 1 tablespoon Avocado or Olive oil until onions are glossy:
1 celery stick,
2 carrots, medium sized
1 parsnip, medium sized
2 Cebollinas or 1 Leek
½ red pepper
½ green pepper

8c water, spring or reverse osmosis
4 Yukon Golds, medium sized, diced
1-2t dried basil, garden fresh dried if available*
1-2t dried thyme, garden fresh dried if available*

Let simmer for 30 minutes. Take off heat. Puree half of the soup in blender and then return pureed soup to pot. Place a towel over blender top and hold down when blending. This eliminates hot soup explosions! Add hemp cream and stir soup. The hemp cream curdles at high temperatures so it is important that the heat is turned off while adding it. 

Final touches:
1-2t sea salt, to taste

fresh cracked black pepper
onion greens garnish, finely chopped
sliced avocado

*Dry your own herbs for garden fresh flavor to brighten winter/late spring meals. Pick whole stems of herbs such as basil, thyme, tarragon & oregano. Tie into bunches and hang upside down in dark, dry place. Store in glass mason jars after thoroughly dried.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hemp Buttermilk Biscuits | Perfect Gluten Free Biscuits | Vegan

Best vegan biscuits ever | gluten free baking | vegan bakingbest vegan biscuit recipe | gluten free biscuit recipe

I’ve spent decades experimenting on the perfect biscuit. One that’s’ light, moist, and slightly fluffy. A good biscuit can soak up vegetarian gravy or strawberry shortcake fixings without getting soggy. The Hemp Buttermilk proved to be the missing ingredient to earlier trials. If making the Shortcake Biscuit variation, the quick hemp buttermilk recipe can be used. Using our house GF flour blend is the other secret ingredient to perfection. Gluten free flour blends are easy to make and economical. I always double or triple the recipe and save extra for another recipe, another time. This specific gluten free blend uses GF oat flour which is a light, whole grain and naturally binding flour. Going gluten free and vegan can be a great combination in baking. When done right, a light crumb, perfect moistness, and great flavor arises. Trust me on this… like I said, I’ve spent decades.

About Biscuit making: Its’ all about the magic touch in this department. I prefer to use my hands when incorporating the flour with the fat. It is important to NOT overmix the shortening/fat into the flour. Also- make sure the fats are chilled first. The key to a flaky biscuit is for some of the fats to remain solid and not to melt during mixing. Follow the instructions and you’ll be just fine. Biscuit making takes practice. Relax, and enjoy the process.

This recipe is my plant based, gluten free, hemp infused version inspired by the classic biscuit recipe published by the cookbook: The Joy of Cooking.
Recipe makes eight 4inch drop biscuits

Chill in freezer for 10 minutes:
3T Organic vegetable shortening (Spectrum a good brand)
3T Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)

In medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients together:
2c   Basic GF Flour blend, link to recipe 
1.5t baking powder
1/2t baking soda
1/2t salt

 Cut chilled fats with knife into 1 inch pieces. Add to flour mixture and cut in with a pastry blender until mixture resembles small pea size pieces . Alternatively, hands can be used. With fingers rub the fats with the flour until pea size pieces occur. Don’t overdo this step. It is important for the fats to not melt and to stay solid.

½ c   Hemp Buttermilk, link to recipe
1/4c Full fat coconut milk, stirred first

Mix with spoon until everything holds together and is incorporating. Again, it is important NOT to overmix. Just mix together enough to create a batter. The batter will be moist and sticky, but not smooth. Drop large spoonfuls of batter (about 1/3c) onto ungreased cookie sheet 1.5inches apart. Brush with melted vegan butter or coconut oil for lightly browned crust, optional.

Bake 8-10 minutes @ 425. Finished biscuits will have slightly browned peaks on top of biscuit. It is better to err on the side of underbaking. Overbaked Biscuits will be dry, especially if you are baking in high altitude conditions.

VARIATION: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BISCUITS                                              Add 1T cane sugar to dry ingredients and follow recipe above.
         Then proceed to our Strawberry Shortcake recipe.

Copyright Disclaimer:  The information provided here is copyright protected and used with written permission. Recipes are for personal use only and may not be used for any other purpose(s) without the written consent of Revolution in the Kitchen, Herban Kitchen, Sarah Gordon and/or Veg Fresh Cookery. Commercial use is not authorized. We offer restaurant menu consultations and food industry consultations. For more information email:

Gluten Free Flour Blends

makes 5 cups

2c    Oat Flour, certified gluten free
1/2c Brown Rice Flour
1.5c White Rice Flour
1c    Tapioca Starch
2t     Xantham Gum

Mix together in medium bowl

Strawberry Shortcake | Cali Girl Style | Best Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Ever | Gluten Free

Best vegan biscuits ever | gluten free baking | vegan bakingbest vegan biscuit recipe | gluten free biscuit recipe

Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite dessert and I hold it dear to my heart. I am pretty sure it is the first baked good I ever made, but only my mom knows the answer to that (RIP). I have beautiful memories of visiting the local strawberry fields with her near my childhood home. We'd bring home a flat of strawberries about 3ft x 1.5ft large. Visualize the standard 1lb strawberry package at the grocery store and multiply by 10. These strawberries were incredibly juicy and sweet, soft to the touch, and dark red. And we had about 5 days to eat all of them before they went bad! 
In my family, Strawberry Shortcake is served on top of a from scratch baked biscuit. Juicy strawberries soak into the biscuit and fresh whipped cream graces above. 

Find the juiciest, sweetest, and ripest strawberries possible. Make sure to get Organic. Commercially grown strawberries are on the dirty dozen list for pesticides. They are heavily sprayed and have ZERO flavor. The best strawberries I have found here in Colorado were at Whole Foods. Yeah I spent an extra buck or 2, but dessert shouldn't be toxic.

This recipe has from scratch components. Follow the links for making our house gluten free flour blend, hemp buttermilk, and hemp buttermilk biscuits. You can choose to use the "So Delicious" brand coconut whipped topping or make your own coconut milk whipped cream. Both are equally delicious. 


1 lb strawberries, organic or farm fresh only
1/2c organic cane sugar
1 recipe Hemp Buttermilk Biscuits
1 batch Coconut Milk Whipped Cream *

Prepare strawberries by cutting off all the green tops. Slice about 1/4 inch thick and place in small bowl. Add sugar and stir. Let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes until juicy.

Gently slice open biscuit. Place one biscuit half on dessert plate/bowl. Spoon about 1/4c strawberry mixture on top of biscuit. Dollop generously with whipped cream. Top with other biscuit half. Eat immediately. 

*About Whipped Cream:
I love the So Delicious brand "Coco Whip", see picture. Its' vegan/plant based and one of my favorite products to use in desserts. I also use it as a whipped filling for in between cake layers. And in my Ambrosia fruit salad. Buy the full fat version. Its' at Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods here in Denver.
There are many recipes on the internet for making fresh Whipped Cream out of Coconut Milk. Its' incredible and worth the effort. 
I have had success with the following recipe:

Copyright Disclaimer:  The information provided here is copyright protected and used with written permission. Recipes are for personal use only and may not be used for any other purpose(s) without the written consent of Revolution in the Kitchen, Herban Kitchen, Sarah Gordon and/or Veg Fresh Cookery. Commercial use is not authorized. We offer restaurant menu consultations and food industry consultations. For more information email: