Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preparation and Roasting of Peppers

 Place Chiles over a gas flame or on a BBQ grill and roast until the skin is burnt. Alternatively, chiles can be placed in an over or the broiler @ 450 degrees. Make sure to rotate chiles so all sides are roasted. Place in a plastic bag after roasting for 20 minutes or so which helps the skin to come off. The final step is to carefully peel off the skins. Doing this under running cold water is helpful and it is OK if all of the skin is not removed. Make a small slit in chile and clean out all seeds. Be very carefully when handling the chiles so as not to tear the chiles flesh. Leave the stems on them as well. Peppers prepared correctly have on slit for stuffing the filling and no seeds and few skin left on the flesh.

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