Thursday, May 3, 2012

Root Vegetable Green Chile Posole

From the Blog archive: A Winter of Soups, A Parsnip Infatuation, and Heartbreak

Posole is a revered soup in the Southwest region. Coveted recipes are proudly served in this soup that features hominy corn. Hominy corn is usually purchased in its' dried, canned, or frozen form. I prefer to buy it frozen. If using dried, allow extra cooking time (i.e. hours) and add extra water to recipe. Hominy was eaten by the Natives of Mexico and Guatemala dating back to 1200 BC. Traditionally, chicken or pork, is added to the Posole. I choose to stray from tradition and add a saute of root vegetables instead. Do not use canned green chiles in this soup. One can find frozen green chile in the freezer section at most grocery stores in the southwest or at specialty hispanic food stores. Even better is to use freshly roasted green chile if available. It is important to serve the soup with a squeeze of fresh lime juice as it combines beautifully with the broth. 

Saute in medium sized thick bottomed saucepan for 5-7 minutes:
2 Tbsp expeller pressed sunflower or safflower oil
1 sm. parsnip diced
1 carrot diced
1/2 stalk celery diced
1/2 leek chopped
1/2 cup sweet potato diced
1.5t cumin seeds

6 cups filtered water
2 cups frozen or canned hominy
20 oz frozen chopped green chile (mild or medium heat)
2-3 Tbsp sea salt, to taste (add 1 Tbsp at a time to taste)
1 Tbsp oregano
2t thyme

Bring soup to a boil and then reduce heat and let soup simmer for at least 2 hours. Take off heat and serve in bowls with recommended garnishes. Serve with heated flour tortillas.

Garnish each soup with the following:
fresh squeezed juice of 1/2 a Lime
dollop of sour cream
chopped cilantro
diced avocado

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