Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tamales Especiales

Vegetarian and Vegan Tamales made in Denver, Colorado

8 years of dedicated tamale making have led to the opening of Tamales Especiales in Denver, Colorado, a food processing division of Revolution in the Kitchen, LLC. Specialty tamales are hand rolled and made in small batches using Organic Corn Masa that is GMO free. Our tamales are gluten free, vegetarian and feature as many organic and/or regionally grown ingredients possible.Tamales are a traditional food of the Americas, dating back 3000 years. We take tamale making into the 21st century by infusing world flavors and the finest organic ingredients. A dash of sustainable business ethics finishes our recipe for amazing and delicious tamales!

Why Vegetarian Tamales?

Our tamales are 100% vegetarian, with the majority being vegan. We use
unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and incorporate creative use of ingredients
for full and satisfying flavor. Many studies and reports prove that a vegetarian diet is healthier for our bodies as well as the planet. The meat and dairy industry 
causes a lot of animal suffering, human disease, and environmental degradation.
Eating more vegetarian and vegan foods is a simple step to bringing more peace 

into our world, health into our bodies, and ecological sustainability to

our planet. 

Why Organic Corn Masa?

88% of commercially grown corn is genetically modified as well as sprayed
heavily with fertilizers and pesticides. Gross! This means that most tamales, as
well as other corn based products, made in the U.S. are with GMO corn masa flour.
Ingestion of GMO corn has shown harmful effects on health and GMO agriculture
is environmentally devasting in many ways. 
We choose to  support Organic farmers!

Our Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability
We use only biodegradable and compostable packaging. All paper products used are made with 100% recycled fibers. As mentioned above, only GMO free ingredients are used and as much regionally grown produce possible. We feel strongly about supporting our local farmers and sourcing Colorado grown ingredients. It is our goal to have a completely Colorado proud product by November of 2013. We also pledge to develop a delivery system that uses biodiesel fuels by this time as well. 

We are at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market in Denver, Colorado every Saturday until October from 7:30-1:30.
We are also set up at the City Park Esplanade Farmers Market near downtown Denver every Sunday until October from 9:00-1:00.
Our tamales are available for purchase at Denver Urban Homesteading. They are located at 200 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO. Their market hours are:
Thursday 3-7pm
Friday 3-7pm
Saturday 9-3pm

Tamales Especiales is currently seeking more retail food stores and additional markets for selling our tamales. We will post this information as soon as we know all of the exact places and locations.
We can be contacted directly through email for other tamale orders. Personal orders may be arranged for pick up at our commissary kitchen.

We have beautifully packaged and labeled tamales for wholesale purchase for retail stores. Our tamales are gluten free, organic, and vegetarian which makes them a great product with mass appeal to sell at your store. We provide professional looking signage and displays and also can arrange for product sampling days at your store. Please contact us at for wholesale pricing, delivery schedules, and other information.

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