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Tamale Menu June 2013

Current Tamale Menu
We are always experimenting and inventing new tamale flavors. Have any ideas? We'd love to hear them, and possibly give them a try. All tamales are vegetarian, with most of them being vegan. We use extra virgin coconut oil for the fat in the masa dough, as opposed to traditional lard. Only Organic, GMO free corn masa is used.

Chile Relleno in Banana Leaf
The newest flavor and it rocks.... We're talkin' roasted poblanos, roasted jalepenos, asadero, cotija, queso fresco, and cheddar cheeses all wrapped up in a fresh rosemary oregano masa. Then it is rolled and steamed in a banana leaf, which infuses earthy aromatics resulting in a moist and deep flavorful tamal.

Green Chile Southwest
This is our "everyone likes it" tamale. From the hardcore meat eater to the picky child, this tamale pleases with its mix of mild green chile, sweet corn, and Tillamook cheddar cheese. This was the tamale that I sold by the thousands as a food vendor at various music festivals.

Guajillo Sin Carnitas
Sin Carnitas is Spanish for "without meat". This tamale takes inspiration from traditional red chile pork tamales. Ours starts with crumbled, seasoned, and baked tofu that is sauteed with shallots. Then a sauce of guajillo, arbol, red chiles, and mexican spices is mixed into the tofu creating a spicy, flavorful, 'meaty' tamale. This one is my personal favorite!

Red Chile Superstar
A lot of recipe experimentation resulted in this 'superfoods' tamale. Blue corn coconut oil masa wraps a deep and flavorful filling. Sauteed supergreens kale, swiss chard, and spinach mix up with carmelized onion and roasted butternut squash. Guajillo red chile puree is the final touch. The result is a rich and decadent tamale that inspires the palate.

Yellow Coconut Curry with Vegetables in Banana Leaf
Aromatic and seducing, this tamale is full of eastern spices and the subtle sweetness of creamed coconut. It is wrapped in a Banana leaf which imparts a different flavor than the traditional corn husk. Banana leaves work well with more exotic fillings such as this one.
Sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots and garden peas make up the vegetables in this samosa like filling. Cashews add texture to each delectable bite.

Thai Basil Eggplant in Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf wrapped tamales lend well to asian inspired fillings because of the unique flavor the leaf imparts during steaming. Red peppers and yellow squash complement the eggplant in this Thai inspired filling.Thai style red coconut curry sauce envelops this tamale with spice and eastern infused comfort. Fresh basil adds aromatic sweetness. This tamale is a must have experience!

Red Chile Supergreens
A gorgeous tamale filled with caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash, and cashew creamed kale and swiss chard. We infused the masa with guajillo red chile. This is a corn husked wrapped tamale. 

Red Chile Rasta
Guajillo red chile masa brings on beautiful color to this tamal. Roasted red peppers, fresh shucked sweet corn, and swiss chard combine their 'rasta' colors for a festive filling. We also make caribbean style black beans from scratch and add this to the filling. "The Irie Tamal"

The Mediterranean Tamale
"Our Italian fusion tamale" 
We substituted herbed sun dried tomato polenta for the masa and filled it with roasted red peppers and cashew creamed spinach. Instead of steaming, we baked this tamale inside its' corn husk. The result is a creamy, comfort food like texture. The flavor is phenomenal. 

We are working on special dessert tamales right now as well. We make a brown sugar vanilla spiced masa dough to envelop sweet fillings. A banana leaf wrapped tamale with a Mexican Chocolate Banana filling will be available at our next market for sampling and purchasing. Our other favorite dessert tamale is a Mango Cheesecake flavor, which will be debuting soon as well.






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