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Edamame with Hemp Seed Gomasio

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This healthful snack appeals to children and adults and is a popular shared appetizer. Edamame are whole soybean pods. Eat by placing in mouth and use teeth to pop out the beans. Don’t eat the pods- only the beans inside! Find Edamame in the frozen section, usually in the “health food” zone. Make sure to get the whole pods, not unshelled edamame. Look for the GMO free and/or Organic label before purchasing, as soy is widely genetically modified. Recipe makes 2 cups.

Steam according to package directions:
2 cups frozen edamame

Finished edamame pods are spring green in color. Place in serving bowl. 
 2-3t hemp seed gomasio, recipe follows, on top, to taste

Gomasio is a Japanese seasoning featuring toasted sesame seeds. Its’ a low sodium alternative to salt, full of micronutrients and food energetics that only seeds can give. I put this on everything. Encrust pan-fried tofu, sprinkle over steamed veggies, or add to your next stir fry. Its’ delicious on Edamame and surprisingly compatible with Mexican food dishes. Make it, experiment with it, love it.
Recipe makes 1.5 cups.

Toast till dry in skillet, and then place in medium bowl:
2t unrefined Himalayan, sea, or Utah red salt*

Toast till popping/crackling:
3/4c brown sesame seeds

Put ½ of seeds in bowl with salt and the other half in food processor.

Add the following to the seeds in food processor:
¼ c shelled hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts)
¼ sheet of Nori seaweed, tore into bite size pieces

Pulse until the seaweed is broken down. Add this mixture to sesame seed/salt mixture and mix together. Let cool completely then store in spice containers or mason jar.

 *A note about salt: Standard refined iodized salt has no place in a high vibe diet. It has been proven to deplete and have a negative effect on our bodies at a cellular electromagnetic level. Unrefined salts such as Himalayan and sea salt enhance our cellular energetics. Himalayan salt is from the biggest mountain ranges on Earth – that’s’ the kind of energy I want in my body! There is an ancient sea salt that comes from Utah sold as Utah red salt. I use this salt often as well. It is my salt go to for making Gomasio.

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