Saturday, February 6, 2016

Go Broncos! Hemp Superfood Party Apps

Ok so you have a closet full of Broncos tees and all of your kids wear the latest orange and blue fashions. I get it - you are a huge fan. AND its' going to be quite the party! So when it comes to the food being served lets' take it up a couple notches and showcase another thing that Denver is proud of: Cannabis. 

How about showing your Colorado pride by incorporating hemp foods into the appetizer spread? Take a deep breath, its' federally legal in all 50 states. And your guests are going to flip out and declare your party the best ever. Go Broncos!

Lets' talk about Cannabis, hemp and marijuana for a bit....
Hemp is a superfood and you aren't gonna get high from it and you WILL pass a drug test. Hemp as a food is legal here in 'Merica. However, mass confusion arises because both Hemp and Marijuana (argued as a slang term, referred to here as THC heavy strains) come from the same Cannabis species, although they are genetically distinct and have differences in chemical makeup. Cannabis is an incredible herb that has a 8000 year plus history all over the world. We humans have been eating hemp as a food for a very long time.

I am totally stoked on hemp! The seed is the part of the hemp plant that is used for food. There are NO cannabinoids (i.e. THC or CBD) in the seeds of ANY cannabis plant. It is the seed that humans have used for food for thousands of years. The seed ground up becomes a high protein, intense, flour. A gorgeous green oil results from the cold pressing of the seed. My favorite hemp food to work with in the kitchen is shelled hemp seeds, sold as Hemp Hearts. It is incredibly versatile in the kitchen and has major creds to back it up. Its' a complete protein, meaning it has all of the essential amino acids. Its' also got the perfect balance of healthy Omega fats. Thats' just a few nutritional facts. Its' a major superfood and nourishes us at a deep cellular level. Your DNA knows what cannabis is and rejoices when we consume it in any shape or form. Its' healing energy, straight from Earth Gaian intelligence resurfacing just in time to save humanity and our planet. I mean that.

The recipes...

Hemp seed Gomasio | Edamame | Hemp Foods Recipes
Fresh toasted sesame spotlights this japanese inspired seasoning salt

Hemp Foods Recipes |
Tastes like: 2 bites, creamy, yum bomb, and full of good picnic memories

Hemp foods recipes | hemp buttermilk ranch | vegan ranch | best vegan ranch ever
Cut your own veggies and just say no to sad, pre-fab vegetable trays. And definitely serve it with our house ranch.

hemp foods recipes]

HEMP BUTTERMILK RANCH, and milk, and buttermilk
I'm stoked on shelled hemp seeds and all their creamy possibilities

cooking with cannabis | cannabis fan leaves in food
My version kicks ass and isn't full of gross Mayo and hormoned out dairy products

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