Saturday, February 6, 2016

High Vibe Crudites w/ Hemp Buttermilk Ranch

Cut your own veggies and just say no to sad, pre-fab vegetable trays. And definitely serve it with our house ranch.

Creating your own Vegetable tray...
Search out the freshest organic and/or locally grown vegetables, making sure that are in an unprocessed state. Pre-cut and processed vegetables, have lower energetic life vibes going on and taste mediocre. Convenience has a sad price and less nutrients. The site of the standard vegetable tray is the epitome of American laziness. OMG you can handle cutting own vegetables. Just do it already.

The veggies...
Baby Broccolli is a succulent addition
cut off 1 inch of ends & lightly steam

Carrots, splurge and get the fresh ones with their leaves on top, look for fun heirloom varietals that are purple and/or yellow
Peel with vegetable peeler, cut into 4-5 inch long thick matchsticks

Celery, purchasing Organic is very important with this veggie
Cut off the leafy tops off (save in freezer and add to homemade veggie stock) and cut stalks into 4-5 inch long fat matchsticks. I usually get about 7 celery sticks per stalk

Cucumber, perhaps the easiest vegetable to add, get Organic and avoid the toxic wax thats' on conventional cukes
Slice it to desired thickness, 1/4 inch a good size

Yellow or Red Peppers
Cut in half, then quarters, getting rid of the stem and all white pilth.
Do your best to make slices suitable for dipping

Globe Radish, Daikon, or Watermelon Radish, spicy and easy to add
Clean off the radishes real good and remove the green tops. Slice.
The Daikon may need to be peeled with a vegetable peeler

Green Beans, garden fresh is best
Cut off the ends and lightly steam

Snap Peas or Snow Peas
Cut off the tough ends

Recipe makes 2+ cups

Whisk the following ingredients together in small bowl:
1.5c  Vegan Mayonaise, preferably Just Mayo or Veganaise brand
2T    fresh lemon juice, from a real lemon
1.5t   garlic powder
fresh cracked black pepper, a few good turns
.75t   dried oregano or marjoram
1t      onion powder
1/4t   sea salt, Himalayan, or Utah red salt
1/8t   celery seed powder
1T     fresh minced chives, optional
1T     fresh minced parsley, optional

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